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Welch Campaign Shows Grassroots Support with Announcement of Over 700 Citizen Endorsers

Vermonters from 114 towns and all 14 counties represented

Date: January 26th, 2022 
Contact: [email protected]

BURLINGTON, Vt. – Welch for Vermont on Wednesday announced that over 700 grassroots supporters have signed up to publicly endorse Rep. Peter Welch in his bid for Senate. The list of endorsers includes teachers, small business owners, social workers, nurses, activists, organizers, bus drivers, students, childcare providers, hospitality workers, mechanics, carpenters and farmers. Vermonters from 114 towns and all 14 counties are represented. 

Here is what Vermonters from each county had to say about Welch:

Martha Allen, Former Teacher, Canaan:

“As a former Vermont public school teacher and union leader, I know from experience that Congressman Welch has been a long-standing strong advocate for the labor community and working people. His commitment to democratic values is exactly what we need in DC. I wholeheartedly support Peter Welch for the U.S. Senate.”

Geoffrey Sewake, Owner and Brewer of Whirligig Brewing, Peacham:

Peter Welch is a down-to-earth, well grounded, and a thoughtful leader. His mind and heart are in the people of Vermont, and I trust he will carry our will to the Senate, just as he has to the House for almost 20 years.”

Megan Sullivan, Social Worker, East Calais:

“There are so many critical issues at stake in this election from the climate crisis to preserving our democracy to ensuring families have the support they need to succeed. Peter understands that these challenges must be tackled head on and he has demonstrated this over his years of service to Vermont. As a young Vermonter, I’m proud to be with Peter in this fight and support his bid for Senate.”

Carl Brandon, Professor at Vermont Technical College, Randolph Center:

“I have known Peter for over 30 years, and have never met a politician with as much integrity. He is also very thoughtful about all of the issues of concern to Vermonters, and this has resulted in his being a fantastic Representative in Congress. Having him as one of our Senators, where he will be able to be even more influential will be of great value to the citizens of Vermont.”

Marie George, Former Teacher, and Bob “RJ” George, Former Fire Chief and Grocery Store Owner, Newport:

“We have lived in Newport for 53 years and raised our family here. We have known Peter for many years. Peter cares just as much about Vermont small businesses, Vermont schools, and our downtowns, as he does about issues facing the entire country. We know Peter is always fighting for what is right and we are proud to endorse him.”

Jennie Gartner, Small Business Owner, Rutland:

“If every state in the union were fortunate enough to have a person like Peter Welch to send to Washington DC, think of what could be accomplished on behalf of the American people!  Even in the rare moments when I don’t agree with Peter, I always trust he is doing what is best for Vermonters and for our country. No one works harder for us than Peter Welch, and I am proud to support him for the U.S. Senate. He is a leader for all Vermonters.”

Barbara Morrow, Former Owner of the Northshire Bookstore, Manchester:

“I am thrilled to endorse Peter Welch to be Vermont’s next Senator. We need Peter’s intelligence, fair mindedness, and his dedication to all Vermonters to represent us in Washington.”

Steffen Gillom, President of the Windham County NAACP, Brattleboro:

“I’ve always been most impressed by Peter’s ability to stay close to his constituents in Vermont, despite his status as a federal law maker. Whether it is attending NAACP Freedom Fund dinners or meeting folks at a local cafe, he finds a way to connect. Staying close to the people is the most important part of the job and he takes it seriously.” 

Annette Seidenglanz, Non-profit Development, Winooski:

“Peter Welch has my full confidence at a time when there are so many challenges in governing our country. His honest approach to issues, his lively personality and his exceptional ability to communicate complicated legislative policy to regular folks make him an outstanding candidate. Representative Welch is ready for a bigger stage, a bigger role in government!”

Liz Gamache, Former Mayor, St. Albans:

“Peter’s commitment to listening and understanding multigenerational issues have made him a remarkable representative in Congress. I know that he will bring our Vermont values to the Senate and work tirelessly to address the everyday challenges Vermonters face.”

Jenn Woods, Sustainability Consultant, Grand Isle:

“I am supporting Peter for many reasons, particularly because of his dedication to both climate and reproductive justice as well as his commitment to protecting and preserving our democracy.”

John Freidin, Former State Representative & Small Business Owner, Middlebury:

“Peter’s values are Vermont values. His effectiveness working with members of his party AND members of other parties is extraordinary. More than any other Vermonter Peter can truly fill the shoes of our esteemed Senator Patrick Leahy.”

Arline Rotman, Retired Judge, Norwich:

“Peter’s representation of us in Washington has made us proud. As a member of Congress, he has worked effectively and collaboratively to advance the interests of Vermont as well as the country. As a Senator, his experience and ability to bring people together on issues of importance is much needed in today’s bitterly partisan world.”

Marina Meerburg, Translator and Small Business Owner, Stowe:

“Peter Welch has the experience, integrity and passion needed to represent us well in the Senate on issues such as climate, voting and human rights. That is why I am supporting his campaign for Senate.” 


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