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Voting in Vermont

The election for U.S. Senate in Vermont is on Tuesday, November 8 2022.

Voter Registration

  • Are you registered to vote in Vermont? You can check your status HERE.
  • If you need to register to vote, you can visit your town clerk or register online HERE.
  • You can use a drivers license, passport, current utility bill, current bank statement, or another government document containing your residential address as acceptable ID.
  • There is no deadline to register, you may register to vote up to and including the day of the election.

Vote by Mail/Early Voting

  • Vermont uses universal mail-in voting for the general election. Every registered voter in the state will be mailed a ballot without needing to request one. 
  • Beginning September 24, you can also vote early in person.
  • Mail-in ballots must be received by election day to be counted.

Election Day

  • Make sure you know where your polling place is by checking your voter profile.
  • Polls on election day open between 5am and 10am depending on your polling place, and close at 7pm. Your voter profile will list the hours of your polling place.
  • If you are already registered, Vermont does not require voters to present identification while voting. However, it is best to bring ID with you in case you do need it.
  • If you are in line at the time polls close you must be allowed to vote.

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