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Welch Campaign Celebrates Decisive Primary Victory

U.S. Rep. Peter Welch’s Senate campaign on Tuesday celebrated a decisive primary night victory. The campaign heads into the general election with a broad coalition of grassroots support and $2.76 million cash on hand. 

Congressman Peter Welch said: 

“I’m honored by tonight’s primary election results and grateful for the voters, volunteers, neighbors, and friends throughout Vermont who have entrusted me with your support to be the Democratic nominee for Senate this fall.

“This is an All Hands on Deck moment. The stakes of this race are too high to sit this one out. In a 50/50 Senate, our ability to address unprecedented challenges like the affordability crisis, the climate emergency, individual rights that are being threatened by an extremist Supreme Court, and an imperiled democracy depend on Democrats’ maintaining or expanding our majority in the Senate this election. Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans are trying to divide us in their fight for failure, and if they get control of the Senate then they won’t hold back – a national abortion ban, rollbacks of the climate progress we’re finally making, and more tax cuts for the wealthy that will exacerbate the affordability challenges of working families will all on the table. But I know how we beat the Mitch McConnell threat and win this November – we find common ground to build stronger communities, we support one another, and we do it together. It’s the Vermont Way and it’s how we will campaign all across our state.

“As we unite as Democrats, I’d like to express my thanks to Isaac Evans-Frantz and Niki Thran for bringing their passion and ideas to this primary campaign. I look forward to working with them and campaigning with our full Democratic ticket as we outline our vision for Vermont and the country in the weeks ahead.”

Campaign Manager Ryan McLaren said:

“Tonight is just the beginning. This campaign will work tirelessly to share Peter’s progressive vision and earn Vermonters’ votes in November to send Peter to the Senate. Every voter and volunteer has a hand in making this happen and we won’t take a single vote for granted. We look forward to joining forces with the state’s Democratic ticket and running a positive campaign that we can all be proud of.”


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