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Welch Campaign Launches TV Ad “Fights for Us” Featuring Vermont Small Business Owner Cara Tobin

“Peter Welch sees what the issues are, and has solutions… that’s a win for everyone”

Date: July 14, 2022 

Contact: [email protected]

BURLINGTON, Vt. – U.S. Rep. Peter Welch’s Senate campaign on Thursday launched a new TV ad titled “Fights for Us.” Cara Tobin, a restaurant owner in Vermont, highlights Welch’s commitment to making Vermont more affordable for small business owners and working families who faced unprecedented challenges during the pandemic.

Campaign Manager Ryan McLaren said:

“Small businesses like Cara’s are the lifeblood of our communities and when they thrive, we all benefit. Whether it’s the cost of childcare, prescription drugs, or housing – affordability is top of mind for Vermont voters like Cara in this election. Peter understands these concerns, and is the only candidate in this race with the experience building broad coalitions to solve complex problems. It’s why we need his voice in the United States Senate. Peter is prepared to help lower costs on his first day as Vermont’s next Senator.”

The full ad can be seen here and the transcript is below:

Being a small business owner and a mom inspires a lot of what I do. 

I think that it’s important to have someone in the Senate that really understands the challenges of Vermonters and what they actually need. 

Peter Welch is somebody who cares about working families. When I had concerns or when I needed help he’s somebody that immediately was really easy to talk to and listens. And Peter is somebody who is constantly in the community, who is constantly talking with people and learning about the challenges. He knows that, you know, a thriving business community, a thriving economy is good for Vermont and he’s going to fight for the things that are important to us. 

He understands that when you support families by supporting affordable child care, affordable health care, affordable prescriptions, affordable housing, then everybody thrives. Peter sees what the issues are and he has solutions for those things and I think that’s a win for everybody. 

“I’m Peter Welch and I approve this message.”

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