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Peter firmly believes America owes our veterans for their sacrifices and intends to make sure these soldiers get access to the health care and benefits they need. 

Fighting for Veterans

Peter strongly believes that the cost of the war has to include the cost of caring for the warrior when they return home. He’s worked with veterans and their families and has seen firsthand the long-term impacts of their service, including the physical, mental, and financial toll. Peter knows that America owes them for the sacrifices they’ve made while protecting our nation, and has championed numerous pieces of legislation to aid veterans and their families. Peter is committed to making sure these soldiers get access to the health care and benefits they need. 

  • Streamline access to VA services for veterans exposed to burn pits
    • Cosponsored H.R. 3967, the Honoring Our PACT Act, to establish a presumption of service connection and provide VA healthcare to veterans exposed to airborne hazards and burn pits.
    • Co-led the Burn Pit Registry Expansion Act (H.R. 4400) and the Department of Defense Burn Pits Health Provider Training Act (H.R. 4397).
  • Expand mental health services and improve access for all veterans
    • Cosponsored the Revising and Expediting Actions for the Crisis Hotline (REACH) for Veterans Act (H.R. 5073), which would improve the Veterans Crisis Line.
  • Support additional funding for the Veterans Administration and its services
    • Called for additional funding for veterans’ health care and health research, housing, and supportive services.
  • End veteran homelessness in America
    • Called for increased funding for the VA Supportive Housing Program, which provides housing and supportive services to homeless veterans.

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